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Beverly Payeff Masey

Buy Tickets: Fri 11/3 @ 8:30 pm w/ Q&A | Sat 11/4 @ 2:45 pm w/ Q&A
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Title Design Historian and Educator
Time Friday, November 3rd @ 8:30 PM | Saturday, November 4th @ 2:45 PM
Description Q&A after the screening of Face of a Nation: What Happened to the World's Fair?

Beverly Payeff Masey is a design historian and educator with extensive US Foreign Service experience in Europe and Southeast Asia. While working as a designer for an American Embassy in an area where Westerners were at high risk for attack, she became a strong advocate for cross-discipline research into the impact of the visual environment on the quality of human life.

Continuing her pursuit of cross-discipline design studies after returning to the US, she closely followed developments in brain research begun after neuroscientists David Hubel and Thorsten Weisel won the Nobel Prize for their work on visual perception and the brain. A decade later, after integrating portions of Hubel and Weisel’s work into the design courses she taught at the University of New Hampshire and the BAC in Boston, she was successful in developing a vision-science-based programming protocol for architects and interior designers,  

Today she is the Director of the Masey Archive, a design-history resource for scholars, architectural historians, and filmmakers that she co-founded with her late husband Jack Masey. The Masey Archive grew out of Jack Masey’s private collection as Director of Design for the United States Information Agency during the height of the Cold War, and his work as author of ‘Cold War Confrontations: US Exhibitions and Their Role In The Cultural Cold War’, published by Lars Muller in 2008. The Archive houses an extensive collection of images, textual documents, rare artifacts and ephemera that document the intersection of post-WWII American Modernism with the international political and cultural realities of the Cold War.

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