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Chris McVoy

Buy Tickets: Sun 11/5 @ 2:30 pm w/ Q&A
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Title Senior Partner of Steven Holl Architects
Time Sunday, November 5th @ 2:30 pm
Description Q&A after the screening of "Building Hope: The Maggie's Centres"

Chris McVoy is the Senior Partner of Steven Holl Architects and was the partner-in-charge / co-design architect with Steven Holl for the Reid Building at the Glasgow School of Art.  

He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Virginia, pursuing studies in Venice in 1985 and graduated with a Masters of Architecture from Columbia University in 1992.  Chris McVoy joined Steven Holl Architects in 1993 and was made the first Partner in 2000. Considered one of America’s most important architectural practices, Steven Holl Architects is widely known for its ability to merge space and light with great contextual sensitivity and to transform the unique qualities of each project to create a concept-driven design.

As Senior Partner, Chris McVoy collaborates with Steven Holl in the design of cultural projects, and oversees their realization. He has been internationally recognized for his expertise in designing museums and university buildings, including the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (Kansas City, MO) which Time Magazine named the “#1 Architectural Wonder of 2007” and The New Yorker called “one of the best museums of the last generation.”   Mr. McVoy has been honored with a Guggenheim Fellowship, a William Kinne Travel Fellowship and an American Scandinavian Foundation Grant. He has participated in international arts symposia and lectured widely on the firm’s work.

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