Paul Smith, Gentleman Designer

Program: 18. Paul Smith
Year: 2012
Length: 55 min
Country: France
Directors: Stephane Carrel
Premiere: LA
Trailer: link
Tickets & Showtimes:
3/15 @ 6:15
3/16 @ 2:00

Paul Smith 320 x 180.jpg An intimate and provoking portrait of Lord Paul Smith, quirky designer and formidable businessman. through exclusive access to a poet of British fashion. Paul Smith has 400 shops and outlets in 35 countries, 12 clothing lines, 400 million euros in yearly revenues, sales topping Chanel's, partnerships with Evian, Apple, and Austin, and prestigious bicycle and race car brands. The secret of his success? Who is Paul Smith? How has he managed to get millions of men interested in fashion? How did a modest man from Nottingham become synonymous with elegance in men's fashion?

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