Latin Skyscraper, The

Program: 9. The Latin Skyscraper
Year: 2012
Length: 62
Country: Argentina
Language: Italian with subtitles
Directors: Sebastian Schindel
Premiere: US
Trailer: link
Tickets & Showtimes:
10/19@ 5:00
10/20@ 3:15
Latain Skyscraper 320 x 180.jpgThe film aims to establish how much truth there is in the connection between the Barolo Palace of Buenos Aires and the Divine Comedy. The director leads an investigation that moves into unsuspected directions, reveling that the eclectic architecture of the Barolo Palace was conceived as an illustrated model of the Dantesque cosmos as detailed in the Divine Comedy -including Masonic legions, secret symbolism, underground rivers, and a plan to rescue Dante's ashes from the war in Europe.

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