Vision of Paolo Soleri: Prophet in the Desert, The

Program: 2. The Vision of Paolo Soleri
Year: 2013
Length: 80
Country: USA
Language: English
Directors: Lisa Scafuro
Premiere: NY
Tickets & Showtimes:
10/19@ 7:15
10/20@ 5:00

soleri 320 x 180.jpg The story of an unprecedented artistic quest. Born in Torino, Italy in 1919, Soleri came to America in 1946 to be mentored by Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin West, Arizona. After eighteen moths, Soleri left Wright to embark on a blazing original course of his own. While uncovering Soleri's legacy as an architect, environmentalist, and philosopher, the film poses critical questions about mankind's future, and about architecture in a world facing environmental, social, and economic crisis. Few architects have proposed more ambitious design, and been less prone to compromise.

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