Design & Thinking

Program: 05: Growing Through Knowing
Year: 2012
Length: 75 minutes
Country: Taiwan
Language: Engliah
Directors: Mu-Ming Tsai
Website: Link
Trailer: Link
Tickets & Showtimes:
10/20 @ 5:00


Design & Thinking is a documentary exploring the idea of "design thinking"!

It will be one of the very few documentaries on design, and certainly the first about the impact design thinking has on the world.

Design Thinking was applied as a term and methodology by a design firm in 2008. It was received as a tool to solve every problem, from daily life decisions to business challenges to world hunger problems. Attention and debates followed; some insisted on design education in all K-12 schools, some declared it is just marketing tool for that firm, some hoped it would turn his company into Apple. Some said it's nothing new, just a new packaging of how creative people do things.

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