Kyle Bergman Festival Director

Architect Kyle Bergman founded the Architecture & Design Film Festival (ADFF) in 2008 and serves as its festival director. He has always recognized the strong connection between architecture and film and ADFF provides a unique opportunity ... Read More

Ivana Larrosa Festival Associate Manager

Ivana is a visual artist from Spain living in New York City. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from the International Center of Photography - Bard College)and a BA in Film and Media Studies from University of Navarra. ... Read More

Jean Orlebeke Graphic Designer


Ruth Somalo Special Assignments

Filmmaker Ruth Somalo has been working in the audiovisual field for 13 years. In 2005 she founded. ... Read More

Scott Albers Creative Consultant

Scott is a communications specialist and copywriter who has helped launch dozens of successful products and services for blue chip companies - Citi, Chase, Visa, MasterCard and UBS Wealth Management, to name a few.

Daisuke Suzuki Volunteer Coordinator

Daisuke is a avid movie enthusiast who has help out with the festival for the past few years. Educated and trained as an architect he currently works and lives in NYC.

Maria Baranova Volunteer Coordinator

Maria is a Theatre Photographer based out of New York. She is helping out with the festival, photographing events as well as working with volunteers.

Higgin Ko Webmaster

Higgin is a web developer and lately, he's been developing websites with "Mobile First" design concept using responsive/adaptive framework and Javascript libraries. ...Read More